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Not Exactly Her First Career Choice

Not Exactly Her First Career ChoiceWhen Chanel Chaves was growing up she wanted to be a nurse. She loved the idea of taking care of people and helping them with their needs. She didn't have enough money to go to college and ended up sucking cock for pesos in various back alleys of Central America.

Today Chanel is a huge porn star with incredible blowjob skills and a fantastic Latina ass that has earned her worldwide recognition. While she isn't a nurse she does take care of cocks and helps horny men with their sexual needs. Close enough!

Sativa As A New Whore

Sativa As A New WhoreSativa Rose wasn't always the perfect pornstar she is today. It took her years of practice during conjugal prison visits to her many ex-boyfriends, back room bangs and public bus blowjobs before she was good at her craft.

When this video was shot Sativa had only fucked two other guys on camera before. She had a lot to learn but even in this early footage you can tell this Latina whore is going to be a star. Her insatiable appetite for penis combined with a yearning for cum really laid the foundation for fame!

Some Chicks Will Do Anything For Semen

Some Chicks Will Do Anything For SemenVeronique Vega loves semen so much she will do just about anything to get it. Today she cooked up a scheme to get a pest control man over to her house to do a bit of spraying. Little did he know he wasn't going to be spraying his bug control chemicals, he was going to be spraying Veronique's face with cum! She put on her sluttiest outfit and made up her pretty little Latina face in a way that made her irresistible. She wasted no time when he arrived and quickly started working on getting his load ready for departure!
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